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Spark Change for Animals

Amy Firth Farmed Animal Welfare Grant Program

The Beginning of the Story

Amy Firth was born on March 31, 1978. During her career Amy was the Global Farmed Animals Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection and later a member of the Sankalpa Foundation. Amy visited Taiwan on a number of occasions as part of her work. She was an important and trusted partner of EAST as she sought to improve the plight of farmed animals in Asia.


In late 2019, Amy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Even as she received treatment, Amy continued to support animal issues in Taiwan, providing advice on laying hen and dairy cattle welfare and humane slaughter practices. 


On October 1, 2020 – during Taiwan’s Mid-Autumn Festival – Amy said her final farewell.


Amy’s family and friends launched a fundraiser to commemorate Amy’s deep compassion for farmed animals in Asia. Amy’s partner Dave Eastham said that “all funds raised – totaling NTD $370,000 – will be donated to Amy’s most trusted animal protection organization, EAST to support their mission to improve conditions for farmed animals in Taiwan.”


Amy is the mother of three children whom she loved dearly. Amy always said that greater consciousness among the next generation offered the greatest hope of changing the lives of farmed animals. Carrying on Amy’s optimism, we launched the Spark Change for Animals program to empower people to spark change for animals through personal actions or actions to influence others.


This is the best way to honor Amy’s legacy.

Get to Know Amy 

Amy was born in Harden, UK on March 31 of 1978. She was the second of three daughters, blessed with two loving sisters. Amy grew up in an animal-loving family and interacted with animals from a young age. She loved horses and much of her childhood was devoted to caring for a horse, Twist. Amy’s family also featured several dogs, hamsters and a white rabbit. Amy’s experience of growing up alongside these animals inspired her lifelong passion for animal protection which encompassed companion, wild and farmed animals.


Spark Change for Animals

Cultivating and supporting changemakers to create a better world for farmed animals in Taiwan


Sparking Action

Through an annual competition, we encourage individuals and groups to take actions that improve the plight of farmed animals in Taiwan. These could be personal actions or actions that influence others.


Outstanding participants will be given the opportunity to partake in internships, exchanges and hands-on projects with local or international animal protection organizations, providing the opportunity to have an even greater impact and fine-tune advocacy skills.

Applications for the inaugural program will open in May 2022 on our Chinese-language program page, so stay tuned!

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Building a Movement

The program will feature talks and workshops led by inspiring cross-disciplinary leaders. Participants will develop an international outlook and learn how to effectively advocate for farmed animals.

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Lighting a Legacy

The Amy Firth Farmed Animal Welfare Grant Program was established with NTD $370,000 in funds raised by Amy’s family and friends to help farmed animals in Taiwan, in memory of Amy’s life. This year, the program is also being supported by the Centre for Effective Altruism.


We invite members of the public, businesses and civil society groups to contribute support this project. Together, we can spark more change for animals.

Please leave a note under Additional Comments if you wish for your contribution to fund the Spark Change for Animals program.

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I want to support the next generation of leaders for farmed animals

Please send us a message if you would like to collaborate or make a contribution to support this program

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